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NСM Ltd. is a young but ambitious and rapidly growing company in the area of Artificial Intelligence. The company was founded in 2019 by founders from Italy and Belarus. The headquarters of the company is located in Italy, while the main development & research department is placed in Belarus. During the existence, the company has proven itself well both at European and Belarusian markets.

Our approach to AI projects is a practical and concrete one. Utilizing the best AI techniques and tools, we are able to transform our customers' and partners' ideas and projects into something concrete, with services ranging from research and development, design and implementation of systems based on artificial neural networks and training courses.

Feasibility study and analysis:

How do you go from an idea to a project? We verify the feasibility of the idea and lay the foundations for its implementation.

Prototype design:

We model the solution by designing a prototype, testing and validating it in the laboratory.

System development and start-up:

We develop the system and launch the start-up, offering assistance, support and training.

Training courses:

We carry out targeted workshops and training courses on AI, to familiarize our partners and customers with the subject and help them learn about the main techniques and play an integral role in their own project.

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