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Our partnership proposal is dedicated to any companies that want to extend their business and enhance their offering with an AI solution. 

Machine builders, manufacturers or distributors of IT solutions, companies specialized in IoT ... Discover the advantages of integrating the most innovative Artificial Intelligence solutions with your products or services, acquiring a real competitive advantage on the market.

Our partnership will be tailored to your needs and your company profile. We can offer you a turnkey product or provide training and tools so that your company is an integral part of the system implementation project.

Not just training but also a team of highly specialized professionals with multidisciplinary skills who are always at your disposal.

Academic Research & Collaborations

Educational Partners


Scientific research and training are part of our DNA. NCM products and solutions are based on extensive academic and scientific research.

Among the founders and operatives of NCM are two experts from the Brest State Technical University (Belarus), Prof. Sergei Bezobrazov, Researcher and Associate Professor, and Eng. Sergey Anfilets, Data Scientist, Machine Learning Engineer. Both specialized in AI, Data Mining, Neural Networks, Pattern Recognition, Computer Vision, development and implementation of algorithms and predictive models.

We believe in the value of academic and scientific research, to bring the most cutting-edge technologies, aligned with the state of the art of scientific literature, to the international market. Thanks to the contribution of our academic experts and our researchers, we participate in numerous scientific publications and have close collaborations with the whole academic world.

The University of Bologna (Alma mater studiorum - Università di Bologna, UNIBO) is another our value educational partner. Founded in 1088 by an organised guild of students, it is the one of the oldest universities in the Western world and is one of the most prestigious Italian university, commonly ranking in the first places of national, European and international rankings both as a whole and for individual subjects.

The University of Bologna takes part into a number of international networks and associations and actively participates in several initiatives connected with Horizon 2020, the EU Framework Programme for Research and Innovation, promoting scientific research in different fields. Departments, interdepartmental centres and laboratories with state of the art equipment are the affiliation structure for all research activities.




Business Collaborations

Business Partners


NCM works closely with successful tech companies.

Open Data is a software house and a global market leader in MES systems, as well as the developer of the Opera MES software. The company was founded in 1994 and designed the very first online IT systems for factory management and monitoring. Today it is an International MES Vendor of its OPERA product, which is distributed all over the world by an international network of partners and system integrators who utilize the Opera platform to create Intelligent Factories.

The company’s continued growth, in line with the latest Industry 4.0 trends and with ever-evolving technologies, has led to the creation of a new feature AI, dedicated to Artificial Intelligence and to the development of artificial neural networks. Open Data’s MES and Artificial Intelligence technologies and products make the business of companies "intelligent" and provide you with the tools to excel performance-wise and boost your business in the era of Digital Transformation.

Ziggytec, the Dublin Internet of Things start-up has agreed a contract with Hines to help manage the US property giant’s energy efficiency and air quality monitoring in its multibillion portfolio of European properties. The company was founded in 2018 by Peter Murphy and Kieran Murphy. ZiggyTec delivers accurate, reliable and consistent utility data from commercial buildings to the cloud for a simple monthly fee.

The software system offered by NСM performs deep data analysis (unusual patterns of usage, increased average usage over time, excessively high usage etc.) in order to detect and classify anomalies in time series, as well as to predict the appearance of various kinds of anomalies. Reasons for these anomalies can include: change in customer usage; water leaks; power failure etc. The proposed system integrates to the existed system, indicates and generates the warning signals.

Since 1981 Cediss has been synonymous with protection. In fact, ever since the company was formed, their primary objective has been to find the most effective answers to the many problems relating to safety. That is why they have carefully structured their electronic equipment distribution centre so that it will be able to meet any safety-related requirements in any sector.

They are both resellers of individual components for professional installers, and suppliers of complex systems, specialising in three different application areas: BUILDING, AUTOMOTIVE and KITCHEN. The activities carried out within Cediss are governed by a management system that conforms to the quality standard ISO 9001, certified by DNV.

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