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Smart Cabinet is an innovative product, based on Artificial Intelligence applied to Computer Vision, to give the precious gift of intelligence and sight to commonly used objects, such as a vending machine or product display stand, enhancing their functionality and improving customer service. With the use of the most modern Artificial Intelligence and Computer Vision technologies, Smart Cabinet can automatically recognize both the user and the objects they have taken from the dispenser (for example a refrigerator, a vending machine for drinks and snacks, a display stand, a shelf etc.) and, in case of due payment, automatically activate the transaction by automatically deducting the amount from the checking account/credit card of the service user.

Key Technologies

Facial recognition

Identification and facial recognition of users thanks to IP cameras and innovative Computer Vision methods.

Object detecton & payment

Automatic recognition of items taken by the service user, with automatic payment, if due, by credit card.

Condition control

Automatic monitoring of availability and assortment of items inside the vending machine. Real-time monitoring of any internal parameters of the vending machine (e.g. temperature, humidity etc.).

Mobile app

The mobile app technology also gives the service user information on the selections and purchases made, any promotions, etc.










Key features

Smart Cabinet is a product that can be applied in many areas, from the field of automated retail machines to manufacturing.

A concrete example of a Smart Cabinet application is found in the world of vending, making vending machines for drinks and snacks intelligent and cashless and providing them with advanced features to increase sales: customer recognition and analysis; transaction management; targeted promotion and advertising management systems; item recognition and inventory management; no physical payment from the customer.

Other possible Smart Cabinet applications are in the manufacturing environment, to manage object and material picking and handling, with facial recognition of the operator and materials taken from the various warehouse locations.  


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