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 Smart Inject

The predictive system for injection moulding machines

Avoid breakages and production scraps


Smart Inject is a product based on the most modern Artificial Intelligence techniques, specifically designed to carry out predictive diagnostics on the injection unit of injection moulding machines. A powerful and innovative solution, which uses artificial neural networks to prevent failures and production scraps.  



Smart Inject is the result of numerous research projects carried out by NCM technicians in this area, which have made it possible to obtain a standardized, albeit flexible and configurable, solution to carry out predictive analytics on the injection unit of the moulding machines. The wear of the injection unit is one the main factors that has a bearing on efficient machinery operation and product quality.

With Smart Inject, you can detect and analyze the values of the process variables correlated with the wear of the injection unit. Through sophisticated deep learning techniques, our software is able to predict the future values of these variables, allowing you to promptly correct process deviations and avoid failures and production scraps.

Key Technologies

Domain Knowledge

Knowledge of the domain: composition and operation of the injection molding machine and its main components. Knowledge of the domain is fundamental to define the physical phenomena most closely correlated to possible failures and production scraps.

Data Acquisition

Acquisition of historical data related to the process values to be predicted (Training Dataset) and real-time acquisition of new values through our device connection functions.

Data Analytics &Deep Learning

Smart Inject processes the data from the injection unit of the moulding machine with mathematical statistics tools and sophisticated deep learning techniques, to obtain "clean" and statistically valid data to train the artificial neural network.

Artificial Neural Network

Use of the appropriately “calibrated” artificial neural network to predict future values of the variables, used to generate alarms and self-corrections.










Key features

Smart Inject allows you to carry out real Predictive Condition Monitoring, predicting in advance the next values of the process variables, on the basis of which the system itself or the user can perform corrective actions aimed at avoiding a possible failure (Predictive Maintenance) or production scraps (Predictive Quality).

Smart Inject is a product aimed both at companies that use injection molding machines and at companies, such as asset and machine builders, interested in becoming an NCM partner to provide their customers with intelligent machinery equipped with a high value-added predictive maintenance service.


  • Asset management
  • Direct connection to the devices for data acquisition
  • Sending corrective instructions following deviations and anomalies
  • Condition Monitoring
  • Predictive Condition Monitoring
  • Real-time alarm and notification management
  • Web-based app with real-time monitoring dashboard about current and future values
  • Predictive Maintenance
  • Predictive Quality

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