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 Smart Reception

Intelligent and safe management for the entry and transit of people.

Facial recognition, temperature screening with automatic signaling in case of fever. SmartReception is a product designed for the intelligent and safe management of access and transit areas, whether they be employees, customers, suppliers or couriers who are passing through a building (company, factory, hospital, shop, supermarket, hotel etc. .) coming into contact with other people within the area. Through the use of innovative thermographic cameras and cutting edge technologies in the field of Artificial Intelligence, Deep Learning and Computer Vision, SmartReception can automatically recognize people through facial recognition, measure body temperature and generate an alarm in case of fever, if required, recognize any objects and lastly manage access or automatically prevent the subject from entering the building 

Key Technologies

Facial recognition

Identification and facial recognition of users thanks to smart cameras and innovative Computer Vision methods.

Body Temperature Control

Measurement and checking of the subject's body temperature. Fast and automatic detection, with real-time alarm generation in case of potential fever.

Thermographic Cameras

Use of high-precision and highaccuracy thermographic cameras with constant calibration during the temperature measurement phase.

Data Analytics

The automatic saving of all the images of individuals and their recorded temperature measurement values, enables the management of future entries and any access blocks.








Application Areas

SmartReception is a product that can be applied in multiple areas, to carry out intelligent management of access and pedestrian transit areas and to safeguard the health of customers and operators.


  • Attendance detection and access control in company/manufacturing sector
  • Admission of customers, suppliers and couriers
  • Management of front desk and customer reception at hotels
  • Access and transit in healthcare and hospital areas
  • Building surveillance
  • Access to shops, stores and supermarkets




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