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 Smart Shop

The physical store that makes your purchases safer & faster 

With Smart Shop, artificial intelligence also enters stores. Enter, buy and exit without queuing at the checkout, while the expense is charged directly to your credit card. Smart Shop is a product aimed at the world of Retail, to make shops and supermarkets smart places, physical yet virtual and hyper-technological, where AI, Machine Learning and Computer Vision technologies completely revolutionize the store management and the customer's purchasing process.

With Smart Shop, shopping becomes completely do-it-yourself. At the store entrance, a camera enhanced with our facial recognition technology, identifies the customer.The store door opens and from that moment on a camera system follows the customer as they make their way between store shelves, recording the goods taken from the display stands. Once the customer has finished shopping, they will be able to leave the store without going through the checkouts and the amount of the shopping will be automatically charged to their personal account.  

   Facial recognition

Facial recognition thanks to smart cameras and computer vision that identify customer at the entrance of the store and then follow every purchase within the store, until the exit.

   Object detecton

Automatic recognition of the goods the customer takes from the display stands, with automatic payment charged directly from their credit card when the customer leaves the store.

   Computer Vision

Smart Shop processes all records related to customer behavior, habits and purchases and its powerful algorithms can provide the store with useful information to increase sales. .

   Mobile app

The mobile application technology offers the customer the opportunity to be updated and receiving information about the possibilities of purchase, purchases made, promotions etc.

Key features

Smart Shop is Retail 4.0, the technology of the stores of the future. A new ultra-technological and experiential shopping formula, which will completely revolutionize the management of the store and the customer's shopping experience.

Smart Shop allows you to achieve important goals in the field of:


Innovation: Smart Shop makes the store highly innovative, automated and ultra-technological.


Customer Experience: Smart Shop improves customer experience, making it smarter and more intelligent, even more so than e-commerce customer experience. Simple and fast purchasing processes, including payment, which becomes an automatic and safe procedure.


Sales: Smart Shop boosts sales, not only due to the improved customer service that the system offers, but also thanks to the powerful Smart Shop tools, which utilize analytics techniques to process all the data related to customer purchasing behavior and therefore provide stores with valuable information about their customers, to optimize promotions and advertising targeted to individual customers.  










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