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AI & Data Science  

Power Machines with AI


NCM works passionately in every aspect of the field of Data Science, training machines to perform tasks which, up to now, have been carried out exclusively by people.

Through the use of Artificial Intelligence, we simulate the workings of the human brain, extracting information from data to predict the evolution of complex systems over time, or simulate human vision, process images, in order to detect, recognize and track different objects.

Our solutions are the result of a combination of methodological principles, multidisciplinary skills and techniques.

The key elements behind the success of our products are:

  • Computer skills in programming, database/data management.
  • Mathematical statistics knowledge, machine learning/deep learning techniques and modeling.
  • In-depth domain knowledge of the fields wherein we operate and soft skills.








Predictive Analytics & Computer Vision

Artificial Neural Networks -based solutions for different areas

NCM Ltd. uses Artificial Intelligence and its main methodologies to provide Predictive Analytics and Computer Vision solutions and applications. We believe that Artificial Intelligence is essential to a company's journey towards digital transformation, regardless of the field the company operates in. Whatever your idea, whatever your project, whatever field your company is in, the NCM team is ready to help you. Human Intelligence and Artificial Intelligence create Augmented Intelligence, to help companies improve their performance and boost their business.









Artificial Neural Networks & Deep Learning 

Supervised learning

NCM solutions and products utilize proprietary Deep Learning techniques to train Artificial Neural Networks to perform human tasks - to recognize people and objects, as well as intuit or predict the evolution of a complex system, without the use of complicated and deterministic mathematical models.

An Artificial Neural Network is a calculation system inspired by the biological neural networks present in the human brain. It is made up of a set of computing units which, by cooperating, can recognize specific properties in the inputs (data, images or videos) transmitted to them, and send back a result, as a nervous system would. In order to emulate this human capability, artificial networks are trained on large amounts of data.

Deep Learning is a neural network training technique. Its operating principle is based on the classification and selection of data to reach a conclusion, exactly as our biological brain does, relying on experience and errors to create the right links and the right neural connections in order to formulate an answer to a question, deduce a logical hypothesis, find a solution to a problem, recognize an object.


Predictive Analytics

Emulate the human brain to make predictions

In NCM we use Deep Learning techniques to train Artificial Neural Networks to extract value from our clients' data assets.

Deep Learning applied to predictive purposes makes it possible to determine, in a probabilistic manner, the occurrence of future events, moving from a reactive to a proactive or predictive approach, which can answer questions such as: “What is more likely to happen?“ and "What can be done to avoid it?”

Our Predictive Analytics solutions aim to optimize company processes and improve productivity and efficiency, thanks to the reduction of costs and the creation of new value. They can be applied to various fields, from manufacturing to marketing, forecasting, banking & insurance and retail.

For the manufacturing sector, we have developed Predictive Analytics applications that can transform machines and factories into intelligent systems, capable of processing information to make predictions to avoid failures, accidents and production scraps.

Computer Vision

Emulate human vision to recognize and detect objects 

Object recognition is a typical application of Artificial Intelligence. When we look at a photograph or video, we can immediately identify people, objects, scenes and visual details. Artificial Neural Networks enable image analysis following a perceptual and computational process similar to that of the retina and the human brain.

Deep Learning models, such as Convolutional Neural Networks, are used to automatically recognize the characteristics of an object in order to identify it, analyzing thousands of images and learning the characteristics that differentiate one object from another.



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