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Predictive Maintenance 

Predictive maintenance on assets and plants to avoid failures and accidents


Predictive Maintenance is a concrete application of our Artificial Intelligence and Deep Learning techniques in the field of Manufacturing and one of the main topics of discussion when it comes to Industry 4.0. Monitor asset health in real time and predict its future behavior, anticipating possible failures and accidents.


Our solutions, based on ANN, previously trained on a large amount of data collected from the field, allows you to predict imminent failures. A dashboard for Predictive Analysis summarizes operational data, informing process and maintenance engineers of the potential problem in advance and implementing the appropriate corrective actions.



Remote Maintenance.

Industry 4.0 servitization


Our predictive maintenance solutions open up new opportunities not only to machine users but also to manufacturers. It revolutionizes the relationship between machine manufacturers and their customers and creates new business opportunities, focused on providing not only the goods but a high added-value service as well.

The AI and IoT technologies present in our solutions allow you to predict possible malfunctions in advance and remotely intervene to change the settings, even before the customer notices. The machine need not be moved, and the technician need not carry out an inspection. With this model the supply of services included with the product increases, loyalty increases and the perspective of servitization opens:

    • Remote Maintenance: remote control and diagnostics
    • Industry 4.0: making machines even smarter and more competitive
    • Servitization: offering your customers a high added-value service

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